88 Supermarket Ltd. is home to one of the largest selection of ethnic foods in Greater Vancouver. We are dedicated and proud to offer food varieties from around the world as well as a large selection of local North American foods at very affordable prices. We are looking for a full-time and permanent reliable 1 Head Cashier to assist with our growing business

We are looking for an ideal candidate who has:

-Completion of secondary school 

-At least 2-3 years of experience as a cashier 

 We offer:

C$19.80-20.00/hr, 36-40 hrs/wk (Part-time is welcome) with 4.0% vacation paid

Overtime will be calculated after 40hrs




- Provide training, hiring, monitoring, and assistance with operational issues.

- Supervise and manage our retail staff and cashiers.

- Assists with relevant duties when the shift occurs during opening or closing of the store

- Resolve any issues that may arise, including customer requests, complaints.

- Schedules and prepares agendas for Cashier meetings.

- Maintain inventory and order merchandise.

- Prepare reports regarding sales volumes, merchandising and personnel matters.

- Ensure the visual standards and our market image to be maintained  

- May perform the same duties as workers supervised.


88 Supermarket Ltd. 

Work Location: 

4801 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4P3


Fast-paced, work under pressure

Aboriginals, Newcomers, youth etc. are welcome to apply for this position.

Candidates are also legally entitled to work in Canada can apply.

How to apply (Send your cover letter and resume to):

Email: supermarket-88@hotmail.com